What adequate sleep does for your health

Due to the dire need to make ends meet, we now work several hours without getting enough rest. This has been further compounded by the harsh economic crisis that is gripping every part of the world.

In Nigeria, for example; several young people work for about eight hours a day, and instead of going home to sleep, they still engage in one part-time job or the other, reducing the length of time they ought to spend sleeping.

Most people are not aware that incessant fatigue as a result of overwork can have both physical and mental effects on them. They do not even bother to know the many advantageous effects of sleeping enough. It’s a pity that even pregnant women are also found in this act of overworking and not getting enough rest.

In schools, there are students who spend all of their nights studying, after spending their whole day in class. Some of these students believe that, the length of time you spend studying determines the level of your academic success; hence they do not bother to give their bodies adequate sleep.

The effects of adequate sleep cannot be overemphasized. When you do not sleep enough, it becomes difficult to take in new information. When you learn during the day, it is very important that you give your body enough sleep, in order to retain and process all of the information that you have acquired.

Getting enough sleep will make you concentrate better at work. In this way, you can perform more effectively at your workplace. Not sleeping enough can lead to a lot of terrible mistakes at your place of work.

Research has shown that sleeping enough will make you look more attractive and reduce your chance of getting ill. Regular and adequate sleep also helps you to make better informed decisions, keep you in a good mood, enhance your sex life and helps you maintain a nice physique.

Going forward, endeavor to add regular and adequate sleep to your lifestyle.

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