Feb 182017
Three honeymoon ideas that are absolutely free

Honeymoon is the best time for married couples to explore, enjoy and have memorable experience of a lifetime. But most times the forces of nature and the harsh realities of the economy hinder the lovebirds from having a lasting experience. This may happen if the wedding ceremony was sponsored or much of the budgeted cash went into the wedding proper.

Take a look at the practicable tips below to help you have a free and happy honeymoon.

Shut out the outside world

There is absolutely no moment like spending the entire time after your wedding with the one you love. Take a break from work and other projects and focus on your partner. Keep away your friends and family for this period. You do not need an exotic island; just make your home cozy for two. You should gather bits and pieces from the wedding, which will sustain you two for the period without breaking a bank. This action will be memorable even in years to come.

Free entertainment

Honeymoon is a time for you to enjoy yourselves. You could attend concerts, or good events, although these idea may cost you a little cash, it is all good. The trick is to plan your wedding and subsequently the honeymoon around that period of festivities when most of these activities are free. Look into your calendar and mark when your locality would host free entertainments and take advantage of those free outings.

Have an adventure at no cost

This is how I enjoyed my own honeymoon, taking a road trip. Road trips can be quite exciting and thrilling. You don’t need to be stuck up in your home or take long flight for hours to any destination. Pack your food and snacks with enough liquids to avoid unnecessary spending. Get all you need for the journey and zoom off with your spouse. Go to the places you had always wanted to visit, have a jolly ride, explore the surroundings and enjoy yourselves for days.

There you have them. Instead of postponing your honeymoon or cancelling because of limited cash you could use this free honeymoon tips and enjoy with reckless abandon so that in years to come, the memories will sure live on.

So how did you enjoy your honeymoon without breaking the bank, share with us in the comments section.

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