The importance of regular medical screening

Medical screening

One grave mistake people make about their health is that they wait until they fall ill before they visit a hospital. Some even wait till symptoms of an illness become evident in them before they visit a hospital for medical screening.

Normally, even when you do not experience any symptoms of illness, you should regularly go to a hospital to check yourself; you never can tell, there might be something wrong somewhere in your system, without your knowledge.

Don’t wait until symptoms start showing; at least, visit a hospital for blood test and pulse rate calculation, monthly. Remember, the heart is the body’s most vital organ.

There are many silent-killer diseases like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in general. Majority of these diseases only get unraveled at autopsy.

At times, you just hear that a man suddenly slumped and died, just like that. Monitor your health to know if there’s a problem so that treatments can begin early enough. The earlier, the better.

One major advantage of going for medical screening, even when you experience no visible symptoms of illness, is that; there are some diseases that could be successfully treated and well-managed, if diagnosed at a very early stage. An example is cervical cancer. This is a cancer that affects women. It occurs when abnormal cells in the cervix grow out of control.

The major cause of cervical cancer is the HPV (Human Papillomavirus). It is said that most adults have been infected with HPV at some time. Although the infection can go away on its own, it can also cause genital warts and lead to cervical cancer. It takes time before symptoms start showing, so you see why you should go for screening?

There are so many men who have diabetes or prostate cancer, but are not aware because it is still at a very early stage. When it gets worse, it becomes very difficult to manage; hence the patient suffers and spends more.

For anything in life; the earlier is always the better. Go to a hospital for screening, even when you experience no apparent symptoms of illness. Make it a routine – maybe every three months; you visit a hospital for screening. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

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