Sep 242016
The complete wardrobe checklist for every occasion

We all like to look good, no doubt but getting a perfect wardrobe can be very expensive. For the fashion-inclined ladies, building a perfect wardrobe is a necessity; hence you try all you can to build and design your wardrobe with all trending necessities of fashion.

For those of you that are not sure of the necessary items for your wardrobes, here are some of the items that shouldn’t be missing, if you really want to keep looking stunning.

I am going to classify these items into three categories- foot wears, accessories and clothing.

Foot wears

From strappy sandals to heels, to ballet flats and running shoes; all of these items are necessary in your wardrobe. The running shoes provide support when you go hiking, exploring new towns or for physical therapy at the gym. Black heels are superb for offices or cocktails.

Ballet flats will do when heels fail. A pair of strappy sandals is a great alternative for casual or formal events.


A tiny leather, silver or golden wristwatch to keep you punctual, a good pair of sunglasses and beautiful handbags are all nice on you. The sunglasses hide your tired eyes and keep you stunning.

Leather handbags, either for weekends or weekdays are suitable to keep your mobile devices, and every other necessary item you need be it a handkerchief or a jotter. And don’t forget your scented perfumes and your face powder.


Well-fitted white shirts are great, as they always match skirts or any colour. Cardigans to keep you warm, whenever the weather is cold, are superb when they are paired with a classic pair of jeans or fitted pencil skirts for the office.

Simple black dresses and tailored skirts are perfect for meetings, interviews or dinner parties. Don’t forget your beautiful native attires- the ankara, lace and ‘aso ebi’ with colourful and well-tied ‘gele’ for weekend parties.

Correctly sized underwear are always perfect for several styles of tops. Nice pants and lightweight fabrics are all meant to be a part of your wardrobe.

There you have it. Now you don’t have to worry about what to buy on your next shopping, just go with our checklist and enjoy yourself. What do you think?

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