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Ten facts about baby heat rash

Here are ten facts you should know about baby heat rash.

1. What is baby heat rash?

  • Baby heat rash which is also known as Miliaria crystalline are transparent, colorless blisters that break out on the skin of a baby

2. What are the causes of baby heat rashes?

  • Wearing a baby thick clothing which induces sweat thereby causing the pores to get blocked. This in turn locks in sweat and the end result is an eruption of heat rashes on the body.
  • Making a baby sleep in a stuffy room,with no good ventilation, ofcourse this could lead to a lot of discomfort to the baby skin and brings about  blister on the skin due to underdeveloped sweat glands.
  • Baby heat rash can also be fever induced because of high temperature.
  • A baby can also have heat rashes if he/she wears dirty clothings and does not get proper bath for days. When he/she sweats, the sweat pores which was clogged by bacteria trap in sweat, and this will emerge as blisters, causing discomfort and itching of the skin.

3. Can baby heat rash occur in cold weather?

  • Yes, if you dress your  baby in too many heavy clothes on cold days, he/she can still have heat rashes. This is because they would sweat because of the hot wrapping of woolen clothes and blanket, causing the sweat pores to get clogged and the resultant effect is eruption of blisters.

4. Is there anything like fever induced baby heat rash?

  • According to research carried out in 2002 by an health expert, it was found that fever leads to chills and shivering, which causes parents to wrap their babies up in blankets. This further increases the heat rash due to sweat formation, which has no outlet, thereby leading to formation of blister on the skin of a child

5. How can fever induced baby heat rash be prevented?

  • Avoid wrapping a sick baby in too thick or many warm clothings
  • Provide a cooling system to cool a child running high temperature
  • Instead of bundling the child up during high fever, rather wear the child light clothings, to allow for free flow of air.

6. How do I prevent other forms of baby rash not associated with fever?

  • Avoid going with the baby or staying for too long in a hot and humid environment
  • Wear the baby mostly loose and comfortable clothing
  • Use powder on the baby skin on summer months and dry seasons for Nigerians and give a child a cool bath during the day

7. What are the first signs of baby heat rash?

  • Swelling on the skin, increased pain, bumps on the skin, discomfort and cranky attitude by the baby

8. Is baby heat rash contagious?

  • No, it is not contagious, that is, it cannot not be contacted by another baby.

9. Can baby heat rash disappeared without treatment?

  • Yes, in some cases it does disappear without treatment or seeing a doctor

10. What is the remedy for baby heat rash?

  • Apply the ever mother helping hand lotion ‘calamine lotion’ to the affected part.
  • Don’t dress up the child, especially if you are at home,instead leave the baby on only diaper.
  • Allow the skin to air dry after bath, don’t rough the affected area with towel,you will be doing more harm.
  • Lastly, dust the skin with snti-prickly heat powder to give it a soothing feel.

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