Aug 092016
Ten essential appliances for your kitchen

Healthy bodies are created in the kitchen if you can prepare healthy meals. This is possible with the use of various kitchen appliances that make cooking more fun rather than housework.

The following are ten essential appliances for your kitchen in no particular order.
  1. Counter top blender
  2. Mixer
  3. Toaster oven
  4. Slow cooker
  5. Countertop grill
  6. Microwave oven
  7. Coffee maker
  8. Electric kettle
  9. Juicer
  10. Oven

blender-10935_6401. Counter-top blender

This kitchen appliance can be used for various tasks such as chopping ingredients, grinding, pureeing soups and sauces, making smoothies and mixing custards.

It is ideal to choose a blender with a powerful motor and a big jar that can contain all your ingredients at once. This will prevent you from carrying out your task in batches. However, an immersion blender will be perfect if you are preparing food for many people.


2. Mixer

You can mix your ingredients manually if the quantity is small. However, an electric mixer will make the mixing process faster. A counter-top mixer is essential if you are baking a lot of pastries.

3. Toaster oven

A two-slot toaster is used for toasting slices of bread. However, a toaster oven is ideal for baking, cooking, roasting and even reheating food. You can make French toast and homemade bread, melt cheese, broil sugar topping and also prepare small quantities of food such as chips and pizza using the toaster oven. It can also serve as microwave for reheating meals and leftovers. Thus, a toaster oven with a toast setting, a broil setting and an adjustable oven setting will be a perfect appliance for your kitchen as it can perform various tasks.


4. Slow cooker

You can use this kitchen appliance to cook healthy and low-fat dishes such as soups and stews. This appliance should be among the essential kitchen appliances in your list if you love tender meat. A slow cooker saves your time as all you need to do is to throw all the required ingredients into this appliance and allow it to cook unattended.

5. Counter-top grill

This kitchen appliance is ideal for preparing healthy and quick meals. You can use it to cook chicken, fish, burgers and even sandwiches. Ensure that your grill has removable grill plates and floating hinges which will allow the food to cook evenly and easily.

6. Microwave oven

This kitchen appliance is used for heating and cooking food. It is commonly used for reheating cooked food. However, modern models of microwave ovens can perform other tasks apart from reheating cooked food and heating frozen foods.  These microwave ovens come with conventional technology that cooks and also browns the food. Thus, you can use this appliance for baking pies and cookies.

7. Coffee maker

The single-cup coffee maker delivers a cup of brewed coffee when a button is pressed. This kitchen appliance is also used for brewing other beverages such as hot chocolate, tea and milk-based beverages.


8. Juicer

This kitchen appliance is used for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables and herbs. It separates juice from pulp by crushing and squeezing fruits.

9. Oven

An oven is used for baking, drying, roasting and heating. A counter-top oven is commonly powered by electricity and can be used to bake cake, bread, pies as well as cook meat and casseroles.

10. Electric kettle

It is used in boiling water and is useful if you love taking tea or coffee in the mornings.

The use of the right kitchen appliances saves time and makes cooking faster and easier.

Which of these appliances are present in your kitchen? What is your best kitchen appliance? Tell us why you love it.

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