Take your jolly fashion ride with Ankara fabric

This article is an exposition on the Ankara fabric popularly known as African print and how you can express your fashion statement with its latest fashion trends. Being that it is now used as a major material for designing various fashion items.

Have you always found the Ankara fabric drab and boring? Maybe because of its non-dynamic styles of old. Well, now is the time to change the way you see this unique fabric as the makers have really stepped up their games.

We have Ankara bangles of different colors and sizes, shoes, earrings, clothes, bags, hairbands, phone cases even cars customized with the fabric. l look at most of the Ankara designs and styles and marvel at the sheer creativity employed in making them.

Are you still wondering why you should indulge this fabric industry? The following defines Ankara and what it represents as an African fabric.

Versatility and uniqueness

Gone are the days when Ankara print were mostly worn by the elderly people. It is now worn by young and old. It is a major fashion statement among the youth both at home and abroad. It brings out the fabulous you when you adorn one made with outstanding and elegant precision.

Promoting and preserving our culture

Wearing the Ankara fabric in different forms, styles and shapes, helps promote who were are, the true Africans. It help us stay true to our identity as Africans. it also symbolises true unity, while keeping the Western trend in place.

Ankara fabric also depicts the preservation of culture. It has been worn from generation to generation. The latest trend of designing it into other fashion accessories aside clothes shows that it is here to stay.

With evolving innovative styles, it is certain that we will preserve it for posterity and pass it on to our children and generations yet unborn.

Beautifying your body with Ankara

The Ankara fabric has really evolved to meet today’s fashion fad. Having African print on your body is like wearing a second skin. You look effortlessly on point, irresistible, stylish and glamorous. Rock this fabric with the right accessories and you become a slayer.

Marketing our heritage

Wearing the African print will help people of other nationalities to know about us and our mode of dressing. Also note that the African textile and fashion industry is a big one, that generates revenue for individuals and the government through exportation of these fabrics.

Lastly, it will be a good ride to revamp your native wears. Take advantage of what the evolving world of Ankara fabric has got to offer and make a kill.

How do you slay your African print? Let’s get discussing in the comments section.

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