Social media marketing for real estate business

June 27, 2018 2 Comments

So you’ve asked yourself, how can I use social media to promote my real estate business?

Here is how

There are so many real estate consultants on social media especially LinkedIn and some of the ones I’ve come across are not working on their reputation. They just copy email addresses and start disturbing their connections with 2 bedrooms in Lekki, plot of land in Yaba, bla bla bla. 🙄

To stand out from these people, you need to build a good reputation so that people would feel comfortable and trust you enough to do business with you.

One way to go about this is to be a learned professional. You should know everything that’s happening in your industry and share that information on social media with your audience.

You should educate people on how to obtain C of O, why they need deed of assignments, on what type of land they can build 3 storey buildings, etc. Be a helpful resource to whoever is looking to invest in real estate. Do not be too promotional.

How to post on social media

Let’s say you want to post once daily on LinkedIn Monday to Friday, Monday to Thursday should be for sharing valuble information, while Friday should be for getting to know your connections.

How to connect online

Be interested in whom you want to connect with. Don’t make the conversation all about you; a brief introduction would suffice.

You may write something like: I am a real estate consultant in Nigeria. I advise my clients as to property investment. What do you do?

Then be an active social media user. Share, like and comment on other members posts. Join LinkedIn groups like Nigerian Business Community, and also share your posts to such groups.

This is not exhaustive.

Book a free consultation with me for 15 minutes strategy session, let’s build a tailored marketing plan for your real estate business.

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5 steps to effective branding on Instagram

February 4, 2018 27 Comments

You will agree with me that Instagram is fast becoming the number one marketing platform especially for those businesses that cater to the younger generations. Makeup artists, event managers, photographers and other visual based businesses are taking advantage of this platform to showcase their creativity to their audience.

However, to stand out from the crowd you need to create a solid brand that would put your business in the memory of your audience. Below are 5 steps you should take to create an effective branding on Instagram.

1. Know your color codes

Knowing your color codes will help you use the exact shade of color in your banners or any graphic design you prepare for upload on Instagram or even any of your branding materials.

The easiest way to know your color code is through a simple search method. Here is how to go about it:

Step A

Pick your brand color. You can determine this based on several factors as highlighted in this post.

Step B

Let’s assume you picked color pink in Step A, to know the exact shade(s) of pink to use across your branding, go to COLOR HEX, type PINK in the search bar to reveal different hex code for color pink.

If you are on a mobile device, click on the menu button to reveal the search bar then type in your preferred color (for this example, I am using color pink). The result will display several categories such as color hex, color spaces, base numbers, shades of pink, etc.

The column you need is the SHADES OF PINK (or any color you types in the search bar). It is from this category that you will see the HEX of your preferred shade of pink (or your chosen brand color). Do make sure to note it down for easy reference.

2. Pick a font type

This has to do with the font you want to use for writing your content. There are different classifications of fonts such as serif, sans serif, cursive, etc. Ensure that the font you choose is not the scarce type (there are some fonts that are not usually available in most applications). Also, pick a font that is readable so that your readers will not have difficulty digesting your content.

You can use a font in all caps or lower caps depending on the type of graphic you want to design for upload. There are many font options available online and if you use apps like Canva or Desygner you would come across most of these fonts.

Also, if your blog is targeted at women, you may want to use feminine fonts such as Lato or Karla. Princess Sofia which is also a beautiful font is what I used in the first lines of the Pinterest banner below, however I would not advice you to use it in all caps.

instagram branding pinterest

3. Have a theme

Have a theme for your timeline overall. This will form part of your posting calendar and will help you remain consistent with posting.

A theme is like page branding whtich creates beautiful aesthetics if you plan your theme well. A well planned theme will give your page a cohesive look and make it easily recognizable. To achieve this consider the following:

  • Using the same image filter
  • Snapping your photos from the same angle
  • Having similar background, etc.

4. Use image design

Do not just pick any image from the stocks. You may as well add some filters, or edit it with apps like Canva or Desygner to fit your brand colors or page aesthetics. I created the Pinterest image above with Desygner app; I can as well do the same editing using Instagram specification to add a touch of difference from that of every other person using the same stock photo.

5. Brand your images

Add your URL or logo to every image you upload. This simple act will make your brand travel far especially if you always upload good content that people will share across several social media platforms.

Branding will also save you a bit from online property theft or from people using your work without attribution.

What Instagram branding tips do you have? Do share them below, let’s learn further from you 🙂

Saturday snackable on social media marketing

May 20, 2017 No Comments

Hello fam, happy Saturday!

If you do social media marketing for your business, below are quick tips to help you market like a pro.

This post is just a snackable, meaning it will be brief and straight to the point. Watch out for the detailed version on Monday. Do subscribe below this post to receive it in your mailbox as soon as we hit the publish button.

Social media marketing tips

  1. Have a social media calendar
  2. Schedule your posts
  3. Use the right image sizes for each platform
  4. Engage with your followers
  5. Do not buy followers
  6. Use hashtags
  7. Do not be too salesy
  8. Be consistent
  9. Do not post sporadically
  10. Always use descriptions in your post
  11. Do not make your timeline all about you

There you have it. Stay tuned till Monday for full explanation of each tip.

Have a fun filled weekend.

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