How to stay motivated as a blogger

January 22, 2018 47 Comments

Blogging is a job for the patient ones especially the monetization aspect. You can’t just wake up one day, dust your laptop, write few posts and expect to receive credit alerts from blogging. Just like that? No.

Even if you are not looking at monetization but just want to share your thoughts and experience with the world, you still need some some of resilience attitude to blog consistently and pass your message diligently.

With content creation, writing, publishing and every other blogging activities coupled with your daily routine, you might become demotivated if the results you wish for are not forthcoming. But you don’t have to give up, all you need do is put a workable plan to enable you work in an organized order.

These 4 tips on how to stay motivated as a blogger will help you remain consistent and even help you love blogging.

1. Browse for ideas

When you feel like giving up because you lack ideas on what to write, you should instead look into your blog niche and see what other have written. Even keywords can spark your creativity and you will see yourself wanting to write everyday with non stop topic ideas.

Two good places I recommend for blog topic ideas are Pinterest and WordPress Daily Post. On Pinterest, you will get countless ideas from uploaded pins if you do your search the right way. WordPress Daily Post gives you one word daily; the aim is not to get you to write about the word but to prompt you to write with the word serving as an inspiration.

2. Read blogs

At other times, your lack of motivation might be a result of not drawing inspirations from outside your niche. To overcome this, you should follow your favorite blogs which authors write in their unique ways. Some of my favorite blogs are, Jeff Goins Writer, Zen Habits, Enchanting Marketing and Chris Ducker. Each of these blogs is in a different niche and by reading all of them I have been able to stay motivated because they inspire me with their style of writing and the message they pass to upcoming writers.

Writing is an art which you can master by practicing and closely watching the works of those who have mastered it. When you consistently read from authors such as the aforementioned, you will gradually find your own unique voice and also build a confidence that would not have been possible if you had only followed some of the blogging rules flying all around the blogosphere.

3. Plan your posts

When you plan your posts, you will find it easier to blog as you already know what is next. See HubSpot’s free post planner to help you with post planning and eventually consistent blogging. I have planned this post several months ago, but I finished it under one hour when I was ready to publish it.

4. Schedule your posts

You can batch write and schedule your posts to be published at later dates. This method is handy if you are the busy type who is able to set aside substantial hours despite your busy schedule. When you have hours like this on your hands, endeavor to write as many posts as you can and schedule them on your blog.

To ensure that your write-ups are of good quality give yourself time to plan out your posts. Let’s assume you want to write and schedule posts for March. Use the following steps to write awesome posts for your blog.

blogging tips for the girl boss

February week 1

  • Do keyword research and use industry trends to form your topics. Depending on the number of posts you want to write, an average of 2 hours is sufficient for 5 posts if you blog once a week.
  • Write your first draft for each post. Another 2 hours is enough for this activity.
  •  Do your research on existing write-ups about your topics to validate your idea and see what has been written on your content. Another 2 hours should do for this exercise.

February week 2

Finish your posts. You may spend 30 minutes on each post. Get your featured images ready and add tags to your post. Total 3 hours.

Week 3

Read your posts to check for errors and correct them as necessary, ensure that your readability and SEO score is high, add your featured images, tags and set the appropriate category. You may now schedule your post to be published in each week of March. Repeat the steps in week 1 to week 3 for your April publications.

As you write consistently, you will be able to perform all scheduling actions under one week and by so doing, you will have more time to yourself, making blogging an enjoyable activity.



11 ways to market like a pro on social media

May 22, 2017 21 Comments

This is a follow up to SATURDAY SNACKABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING which I published last Saturday. I promised to provide a detailed explanation of each tip today, so here we go.

How to market like a pro on social media

1. Have a social media calendar

A social media calendar will help you remain organised every day of the week without having to rack your brain about what to post to your audience because you have everything planned out.

You can keep a simple calendar by jotting post ideas in a notebook, or go technical with apps.  You may also use a spreadsheet to plot different ideas for the days of the week.

Download this simple social media calendar to help you get started

2. Schedule your post

Now that you know what to post on your social media timelines, the next question you probably have is how to post in a timely manner. This is where scheduling comes in, and most importantly where important apps like Hootsuite and Buffer are very useful.

You can schedule directly on Facebook without using any third party app. See this post for how to go about it.

Scheduling enables you to update your timeline without having to add content every now and then. You can load up as much as 2000 posts per social media account in advance, and they will be published at the specified date and time. Is that not blissful? Check out the aforementioned apps and start scheduling your posts. You can even start with their free plans.

3. Use the right image sizes for each platform

Using the right size will make your content outstanding and give your branding a professional outlook. Have you seen posts on your network with cut-out words? What came to your mind when you see such posts? That exactly is how people feel when you upload shabbily arranged content.

You should show your audience that you put precision into your content and that your messages are deliberately composed for them.

See this free guide for social media image sizes

4. Engage with your followers

Do you ignore your followers comments on your posts, or at worst, reply with an emoji?

No, that is not how it is done. You should interact with them on a human level. Have you heard that selling is no longer business to business but human to human? Here are some pretty easy ways to keep engagement with your fans flowing:

  • Give them shoutouts
  • Reply their messages
  • Like their own contents too
  • Retweet their contents of interest
  • Comment on their uploads of interest
  • Wish them happy birthday
  • Take time to reply their comments on your posts instead of using a single emoji

Be human on any social media platform because people want to engage with humans not robots, so, do not behave like a bot.

5. Do not buy followers

I wonder why people take this route anyway. If you buy followers, be ready to destroy yourself in the following ways:

  • Bot followers are capable of spamming your real followers, putting you at risk of getting suspended or even banned.
  • Fake followers are not interested in your business, so if you buy followers, you are losing money in two ways. One is the money you paid to the seller, and the other one is the money, time and effort you invest in social media marketing.
  • You will also lose credibility if you buy followers, because it will always show in your engagement rate and several other factors.

Take your time to build a fanbase of people who are interested in what you have to say. If you do your marketing with consistency and offer real value, your followers will definitely patronize you or refer your business when the need arises. Get to work and stop being obsessed with numbers.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags are like magnets that attract people outside your network to your content. They are not options in your posts, but a must.  Hashtags can help you widen your reach and also organize your contents.

On Twitter, you can join conversations with hashtags. If the hashtag is related to your career, it will expose you to a huge number of people who are also interested in your profession. What better way there is to network online?

Using hashtags on Facebook will show up your posts in the search results of such hashtags. That is a free people reach if you understand the way post reach now works on Facebook.

With hashtags, you can find events, targeted followers, build your fanbase and give your posts a wider reach. Start using them today if you don’t do so already. Remember to use it wisely, do not #fill #all #your #words #with #hashtags #like #this #phrase.

7. Do not be too salesy

There are other ways you can sell on social media without having to push your products in the face of your audience every now and then. Know that you are not the only one offering that service or selling that product on your platform. You should instead show people why they should buy from you and not your competitors.

Remember, you are a professional, so, you must know how to be heard above the noise without raising your voice. You need only one strategy to attract your audience to buy from you – offer value.

Listen to their questions and answer them in your tips, image posters and blog posts. Offer eBooks, teach them, be nice and consistent. Let people know what you do, but do not sell the item, sell the value the item will offer the buyer if he patronizes you.

8. Be consistent

Consistency has to do with your branding and posting frequency.

Let your profile and timeline be recognizable at first glance. Brand your images with logo, use matching filters, and have a consistent voice. Also, your posting frequency should be well planned such that your audience will read or hear from you when they expect you to show up.

How to keep your branding consistent on social media

9. Do not post sporadically

You need to be around constantly for people to trust you enough to buy from you. If you only show up when you are running a promo or have new stocks, do not be surprised if no one looks your way.

Try to post as often as possible, even if it is once per day on all your social media accounts. If you are too busy to post daily, you may hire a personnel to be in charge or outsource your social media marketing.

10. Always use descriptions in your posts

Don’t just upload images and leave them without caption. Craft a compelling story around your photo and keep your audience engaged. You may even include a call to action to get them more involved in your campaign.

11. Do not make your timeline all about you

No one is really interested in your business, unless you have proved to them severally that your business is genuinely interested in them.

Avoid posting your personal photos and too many sales pitch on your timeline. You may create a behind-the-scene story about your business once in a while but do not make it about your personal interest, people are not interested. You will do well to create your own account separate from your business account and post to your satisfaction.

Take action with these 11 strategies and you will see yourself enjoying social media marketing while making cool returns on your efforts.

Do you have any strategy not included in the above list? Do share with us in the comments section.