Stepping out with stylish gele headgear


Gele is the head covering for a typical African woman, though in most quarters, it is said to have originated from the Yorubas. By and large, I see it as what makes an African woman stand out in the world of fashion.

The Slogan “Choose your style and live it” makes fashion world worthwhile. Because we have come to appreciate our styles over time and then moved forward in adding colors and spices to our native culture. The world of gele head gear is not an exception, it has really evolved from what we were used to.

Before now we had gele in brocade, African print, silk, paper-like and even in pattern materials. Gele materials and styles are now advanced, it is are no longer just a head gear but a piece to complement one’s African fashion sense.

The gele fashion hub has been recreated with more aesthetic designs and styles with vibrant colors. We now have gele that are hand beaded and woven into sequence, those with scalloped edges, embroidered gele with matching outfit, not forgetting the Swarovski encrusted ones. Yes! all for our delight.

mydodge gele

So much creativity has been displayed by the gele tying creatives to produce fashionable, beautiful and trendy appearance of different gele styes. See some of these styles below.

Sky scrapper style

This is the style worn by Madam Kofo of the Madam kofo fame. This is for extroverts and people that really want to be noticed in a very short time. Going for an event? You want to be the cynosure of all eyes? Yes, this style is definitely for you.

Double fold style

This style inherits its name from the double fold of two different colors of gele materials to give a distinctive theme. I love this style because of the incorporation of two vibrant colors that gives the wearer a glamorous look. Most times, the colors blend with the wearer’s outfit to give a heavenly appearance. Do you have a cultural display day to attend? You would definitely look dope with this style.

Ice-cream style

This style is specially meant for those with oblong face, so as to fit the structure of their face and bring to bare the beauty of the face and style.

Butterfly style

This is the most used styles in recent times. This style comes with some front pleating. It gives the wearer an elegance look with a round face. Attending a wedding soon? Try the butterfly gele style. Even if you are a ‘plain Rose’ you would automatically become a reigning princess.

Take a bow style

As the name implies, this style comes with a unique feature of a bow in the front as a major form of attraction. This style is for fashion icons, who always have to stand out from the crowd and never blend in.

Are you attending an event as a guest speaker or an anchor? This style would suit you well. Bank on this style if you want to look flamboyant while taking your native fashion sense to a whole new level.

Cone gele style

The headgear is placed deeply on the wearer’s head so as to give the face a balanced look. The cone style is also very common with the Yoruba women.

Lastly, the gains in the use of gele to complement our dressing cannot be over-emphasized. Ranging from making us stand out in a crowd, to making us look absolutely beautiful and stunning, and enabling us to display our patriotic side, etc.

So when next you are attending an event, don’t shy away from using your gele to complement your native outfit.

Have you been slaying with your headgears? Let’s read how you feel using them in the comments section.

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