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Six tips for wearing accessories the chic way

Clothing accessories are those items that complement outfits to enhance your appearance and looks. They include handbags, jewelry, shawls, hats, purse and even the wallet.

Most times you unknowingly spoil your appearance due to wrong accessories, making your effort and energy be in vain and also come off as tacky, inelegant and funny. You might even come out finally looking like a scarecrow.

Below are tips to help you with better outward look, brighten your appearance and accentuate your features to stand out.

Limit your accessories

The slogan “less is more” is not a fancy statement; it is applicable to your fashion sense. Piling on all accessories on an outfit will definitely kill its beauty. Take few or little accessories for an outfit at a time. Don’t carry a bag, purse, wallet, shawl, scarf and different kind of jewelry all on one outfit. Always minimize the use of accessories as much as you can.

Avoid using duplicate accessories in a single outing

A lot of times, fashionistas are fond of trying to “dress to kill” and end up looking ridiculous. Annabel Barona, a fashion icon is of the opinion that dressing up with accessories on an outfit shouldn’t seem like a war zone and this is quite true, our accessories most times are fighting for space on our body.

Tone down the colors

Colors play important role when dressing up, try not to use bold colored accessories with bright colored clothes. Bold colors suit neutral colors clothes to give you that sharp look. So when you have colors like black, deep red or brown on, try using bold color accessories, while you can play with the dim fun colors accessories with the bright colored clothes, that way they will balance in your fashion outlook.

Use the right size

Wear your accessories without carrying much weight around or being bogus. A typical dangling earring shouldn’t be seen on the same body with a big necklace or a dangling hair piece. Always balance a big fashion accessory with smaller accessories, that way you look more proper and prim.

Play around with fun colors

Don’t go all matchy-matchy with your accessories, like wearing a red outfit and all accessories with the outfit is red. This could hurt the eyes. Be more creative and explore by using different colors. Combine colors and see how chic and sleek you look before stepping out.

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Use accessories that accentuate your features

Accessories can make or mar your fashion sense. If you are an upcoming fashionista that wants to make a fashion statement, only go for accessories that would bring out the best in you and not necessary what is in vogue. Go for accessories that fit your body structure, stature and frame. e.g. if you have deep collar bones wear a big chain. If you have nice arms, use a hanging bag, not a purse and if you are in the brief department, you could wear shoes with heels so as to elongate the legs.

Accessories can actually break or make an outlook or outfit, so when dressing refer to the hints above to help you have that stylish, elegance and chic look.

Share with us in the comment section, how you pull off your accessories combination for an event.

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