Six simple ways to care for your natural hair


Maintaining your natural hair can be time-consuming, especially for a black woman. But the time you spend maintaining your hair is worth every bit of it, because natural hair is very healthy.

Although some people are of the opinion that wearing your natural hair is not very fashionable or attractive; however if you keep it well-maintained, you could actually look very stunning wearing your natural hair.

Here are few tips on things you can do to make your natural hair look very attractive:

Wash it regularly

Washing you hair regularly doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done daily. You can make it a routine; maybe weekly or twice in a week. After washing, make sure you allow it to dry. This will prevent it from stinking.

Protect it when you sleep

When you are asleep, your hair can easily get damaged. You need an extra care for your hair whenever you are about to sleep. Using a hair bonnet is a good idea.

Comb well

Depending on your hairstyle, combing from the ends to the root is suitable if you are on afro. This keeps it healthier by preventing breakage.

Use Accessories

Do this so that you can look more attractive. A scarf, ribbon or head band will make you look nice.

Use natural hair products

Use natural hair products that do not have mineral or petroleum oil. Organic oils such as coconut, almond or jojoba oil are good. You can also use caster oil and glycerin.

Meet with stylists

They will offer you more pieces of advice on how to maintain your hair, depending on its texture. Try to meet with them from time to time.

Finally, it is good to eat healthy and maintain good hygiene, so your hair can get enough supply of protein and vitamins to make it look attractive.

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