Seven ways to run the home smoothly under tight budgets


The current state of the economy is harsh and quite unfriendly bringing about tensed atmosphere in some homes. As women and natural home makers, we are expected to assume the role of a manager and economist in these trying times so as to keep the home going in line with available budgets.

There is an urgent need to manifest the economist in us and keep the home running with limited budgets. The good news in the whole of this harshness is that as home makers, we can weather this storm if we look inward, by adjusting our mindset and beliefs.

Instead of allowing the bad economy to take away our joy of a sustainable home, we should rather sustain it by taking a giant step forward, no matter how difficult.

Join me as I discuss various tweaks that we can apply to overcome the economic storm without sweats:

Learn how to do some simple tasks

Learn how to fix simple kitchen appliances and gadgets. For now, do not use the service of a repairer unless the damage is really beyond you. You can learn some of these things on Google or by reading the instruction manual of the appliance.

However, caution should be taken seriously when the damage has to do it opening of electrical components to repair. Do not do it, instead strike a good bargain with a qualified technician to do the repairs for you.

What about your kids’ hair? Who makes them? With proper planning, you can take few weeks off to learn how to make your kids’ hair. You do not have to take them to the salon every weekend. Make the hair yourself and budget salon hair making to special occasions.

Substitute burning gas every weekend to take your kids out in your car to short distant walks around your residence area. See this method as an exercise opportunity for the family to get more fit and also get to know their surroundings better.

You will be saving tons of money if you learn new skills that you use now and then around the home; and also by substituting some things for the other. You can work out what works for you and make the best substitution decision.

Start a small vegetable garden

You could actually save a lot of money by planting vegetables and spices around your home. Did you know that fresh vegetables right from the farm are more nutritious and medicinal than the one bought from the market at even more expensive rates?

By having a small garden around your home, you will be sure of getting fresh vegetables all year round for consumption, not forgetting also that you could also be making some money from the garden by selling some of the harvests to neighbors and friends. So what are you waiting for? Start your small vegetable garden now.

Plan ahead of time

Always work with your budget. Avoid impulsive buying at all costs. Prepare a budget for your shopping trip and housekeeping, then stick to it. Outline your needs and place them in order of importance and start buy from the most pressing when you go shopping. If an urgent needs arises, you could always move it to the top of your list. Budget planning works like magic if you stick to it.

Save as much as you can

What each family unit should imbibe now should be the saving culture. Set as much as you can aside for the rainy day. Cut down your huge appetite for luxuries and fantasies. Be real now, and it will be delightful for you later.

Cut out all avenue of waste

Let things be done moderately, make enough food to go round while emphasizing on little or no wastage. Caution should be applied when preparing food to completely eliminate wastage or leftovers. In the case of leftovers appropriate handling should be applied to preserve the ones that you can.

Shop your supplies in large quantities

Use the saved money to buy things in large quantities for the home. You stand a better chance of getting discounts or gift items if you buy in large quantities especially from the dealers. Of course, this automatically translates to buying more and spending huge when you go shopping, however, the most important part is that, your store will be stocked to last your household for a long time.

Invest your time for extra revenue

Learn how to increase your source of revenue to meet the financial need of the home. Does your job gives you a little time? Are you a stay at home mom? Start a home business, use what you have at home for a start.

You could bake snacks to sell, load your refrigerator with smoothies and simple juices for sale, start blogging, be a telemarketer and lots more, you could even baby sit for your office worker neighbors.

It could be quite depressing for mothers, the home makers, when financial needs of the home are not met. The above timeless ideas are available at anytime to help you stitch things up. You can’t go wrong with all of them.

How do you run your home with a tight budget, let’s discuss in the comments section.

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