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Raise your standards

raise your standards

Mediocrity at times is a result of laziness and a know-it-all attitude where you either think you already have full knowledge of the job at hand, or when you feel lazy to cross check what you’ve done for errors.

Failure to constantly seek improvement will definitely put you behind as change is constant and if you don’t keep learning you will miss out on new methods.

The strategy of raising standards is not hard. All you need is make up your mind to always put your best in whatever you do. You can accomplish this in two ways:

  • Always work with precision

Shun substandard works at all times. When you write, check for spelling errors. When you design, use branded elements in all of your marketing materials such that your brand is easily recognizable. Even during oral communication, do not talk for the sake of talking. Plan to make sense and let people gain value from what you say. Work deliberately and you will be pleased with the result.

  • Do not stop learning

Once you stop learning you start dying. – Albert Einstein

Be eager to learn new methods that will help you work better. One trick to keep learning is to teach people. If you share what you already know, you will be compelled to always refresh your knowledge and stay on top of trends so that you can pass fresh data to your audience.

Raising your standard is not an action you take once. It is a continuous process of being at your best till you become a brand. And it doesn’t stop there. Do not be satisfied with the state of things, always strive to move forward because the standard you reached yesterday, other people will surpass you if you feel satisfied with remaining at that position.


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  1. I am really happy to be here.

    I have learnt: not to be a mediocre, to be deliberate about all that I do and strive to be at my best at it, not to be lazy to learn/full of myself to think I know it all.

    That’s not all.

    This Blog is a really great and enlightening one, keep up the good work Admin !

    – Ope ODUNLAMI

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