Sep 272017

Udunma Nnenna Ikoro

Udunma Ikoro is an educationist, copywriter and mindset shift/lifestyle coach. She helps individuals improve on English Communication in core areas such as grammar, pronunciation, writing and speaking. She also helps them to build self confidence and get fulfilled. Giving parents guide and educate them on how to raise phenomenal kids ,who stand out is a great aspect of her work. With her expertise, kids become phenomenal children by identifying their inner voice, gifts, talents and grow to become a standard. As a writer, she assists entrepreneurs, firms and individuals to craft compelling contents to generate more sales, save time and make more profits as they connect with their clients better. She also help women live to their full potentials in life, business, career and marriage. Udunma is the Director of Yuddycreation . The founder of English Learning Academy Page, Masterpiece WritersHub group, Muuta Asusu Igbo Nke Oma page and Raising Phenomenal Child Facebook groups. She runs online courses on Online Teaching Masterclass, Mastery of the Art of Writing, English Courses (Grammar,Vocabulary, Speaking, Diction, etc) as well as offline one and one English communication classes.

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Phone number: +2349098028001

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