Positive vibes

My pin of healthy vows and positive vibes

positive vibes

Internal motivation is key. Even if you work with a top class coach, take productivity classes but still feel demotivated, all your effort might not yield desired results. The books you read, podcasts you listen to and the bootcamps you attend are available to complement your internal motivation. They are highly effective only if you channel …

Social media strategy

11 ways to market like a pro on social media

market like a pro on social media

This is a follow up to SATURDAY SNACKABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING which I published last Saturday. I promised to provide a detailed explanation of each tip today, so here we go. How to market like a pro on social media 1. Have a social media calendar A social media calendar will help you remain organised every day …

Social media strategy

Saturday snackable on social media marketing

social media marketing

Hello fam, happy Saturday! If you do social media marketing for your business, below are quick tips to help you market like a pro. This post is just a snackable, meaning it will be brief and straight to the point. Watch out for the detailed version on Monday. Do subscribe below this post to receive …


5 fun activities to boost communication between you and your kids

Fun activities to boost communication

There is no one size fits all approach to parenting but it is fun when there is seamless communication between you and your kids. Good communication imparts values and fosters a kind of friendship that your children can always rely on when life happens. It also helps to boost their self-esteem which goes a long …

Small business

How to keep financial records as a new business

How to keep financial records

It is quite easy to forget about finance management especially if you are just starting out with your business. This is usually caused by lack of money strategy due to several factors such as a busy schedule or poor accounting skill. Owing to the above, you might discover the following trends few months into running …


Promoting cordiality in the workplace

Promoting cordiality in the workplace

Our Thursday tips and tricks topic for this week is based on promoting cordiality at the workplace by involving your team in planning or decision making. How is your relationship with your workers or team members​? Do you discuss ideas with them or just surprise them with decisions which might affect their productivity? If you …