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Five budget marketing ideas for mompreneurs

budget marketing ideas

As a momprenuer, the way you run your business will definitely be different from what is obtainable in other businesses. This is so because you are saddled with the duties of full time mothering and that of a business woman. The resulting effects of the aforementioned on your business marketing may be that: You probably …


What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is available for the resolution of issues outside the court due to the expensive cost of litigation and the amount of time spent on trials among other unfavorable situations that do not usually suit the smooth flow of justice. The ADR process takes place in court premises but not necessarily inside …


Starting 2018 with a growth intent


Starting something with intent means starting with a purpose in mind, that is, doing that thing, going to that place, taking that action with a defined goal in mind. In simpler terms, it means taking actions with the sole purpose of achieving things that would develop you or move your endeavors forward. This exactly is …

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5 tips for boosting your Twitter engagement

5 tips for boosting your Twitter engagement

Twitter is a fast paced social media platform where over 6000 tweets are sent per second. The aim of this post is to equip you for achieving good engagement rates and traffic flow to your website despite the fast nature of this microblogging platform.¬†Below are¬†5 tips for boosting your engagement on Twitter. 1. Optimize your …


Is your social media reputation standing in the way of your next job?

social media reputation

This is a guest post by Cherralle Alexander of My Daily Cake blog. See more information about the Author after the post. Companies are relying more heavily on social networking sites to recruit talent. Recruiters are checking social media profiles to gain more knowledge and insight about a candidate and they are using this to …

Small business

Harness the power of tailored marketing with social media for your business

tailored marketing with social media

It is just normal that if you don’t ask, the other person is not aware of your need. Even if they know what bothers you from the outside, you still have to ask in your own words to really explain what exactly you need. This is so that you can receive tailored advice that will …


How to become a recognized expert in your industry

become a recognized expert

Regardless of your niche industry, at some point new comers will look up to you for professional support. But before it happens you need to have positioned yourself as an expert. So, how do you become this expert especially nowadays that almost everybody claims to be an expert and people will need real proofs before …

Small business

WhatsApp etiquettes for social selling

WhatsApp etiquettes for social selling

Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy. -HubSpot I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a testimonial post by an excited seller. The post was a …