On domestic violence and the family affairs

The joy of motherhood is ever present on the day a new child comes forth from her womb, after nine months of waiting, praying and expecting.

From the first month down to the ninth month, every woman dreams of carrying her child in her own warm arms, but this is not the case of every mother, as some are subjected to diverse forms of domestic violence and abuse, thus depriving them of the joy found in motherhood.

For some, it brings hatred towards men and relationships, while for others it is hatred towards human existence itself.

However, whatever the level of violence towards women, it should be noted that women are modified human procreators – good or bad. Because, every great man or leader today was modified in the warm, whipping and caring hands of a woman.

Some may argue that women cannot survive without men, but truth be told ‘one is never a company, two is’. This means every human needs someone somewhere to complement his or herself.

From a rough statistics, 90% of abused women are often caring, loyal and faithful wives to their husband, but in the long run they (women) often become hostile, lonely, secretive and traumatised due to excessive violence by their beloved partner.

Needless to say, the family suffers greatly, with hatred, fights and unrest being the anthem within the home, while the children become the most affected victims. Most of these kids tend to seek solace outside the hostile atmosphere of such homes, thus leading them to certain vices which are degrading to society and family as a whole. Such vices are mostly in form of criminal offence, juvenile delinquency, shop lifting, etc.

It is also worth noting that criminal activities which are on the rise daily within the society are caused by the nonchalant attitude of certain parents who, for their own selfish reasons, neglect certain needs of their kids. Such needs may include, financial, social and psychological needs. All these needs will never be met within a hostile family environment due to negative issues between the parents.

Socially and psychologically violated and abused women are affected. Every battered woman is a subject of ridicule among happy friends, which ultimately might lead to depression and possibly suicide. And, the moment you notice a high rate of moral decadence in any child, you will also notice a strained relationship between the parents of that child. Either the parents are separated, divorced or living under the same roof as intimate strangers.

It is often said that a man builds a house, but a (happy) woman makes a (happy) home. Women are emotional beings and, as such, they become the most affected between the two parties. Men are hardly moved in a hostile home, especially a battering man.

However every woman deserves the right to a happy home, kids and fulfilling marriage and it begins with the men appreciating these wonderful, fragile and beautiful creatures – women.

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