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Nine items for organizing your dressing table

The following items are essential if you are keen on organizing your dressing table. Most of these items are already available in your home, just look around and put them to good use.

Keeping a home tidy is an important aspect of homemaking. Dressing tables are often neglected, leaving them cluttered and untidy. If you arrange items properly on them, your room will look neat and cozy.

1. Jewelry box

You can keep your pieces of jewelry in a box to prevent them from getting lost. A table will look untidy if cluttered with earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets and chains. It is ideal to keep pieces of jewelry made of sterling silver and gold in boxes to prevent them from discoloration. This stain can result from contact with perfume or other metals. Your table would even look attractive if your display your jewelry in transparent containers.

2. Cosmetic organizer

Cosmetic organizer is a container that holds cosmetics. If you litter eye pencils, eye liners, lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara, nail polishes and others around, your room will appear untidy. An organizer enables you to arrange your cosmetics to prevent clutter on your dresser.

3. Mirror

A big and a small mirror are essential items for every dressing table. A small mirror is handy when you need to have a close view of your makeup. A big mirror will give you the view of how you look after dressing.

4. Electric socket

A power socket is necessary on a dressing table. It is easy for you to use curling irons, hair dryers, and other electronics when it is fitted with a socket.

5. Small dish

A small container or box for keeping little items such as safety pins and bobby pins is necessary. These tit bits are usually useful during emergencies.

6. Tissue box

You may need tissue papers while applying makeup. If a tissue box is on your dressing table, it will prevent you from searching when you need it. You can use tissue papers to clean off cosmetics or any spill in the course of makeup application.

7. Perfume tray

You can use perfumes and deodorants to decorate your table. Arranging your perfumes and body spray on a tray gives you easy access to them. It also presents a lovely display on your dresser.

 8. Cotton Balls

Cotton balls and makeup removers work together to help you remove makeup and smudge from your face after a hectic day.

9. Storage boxes

The right storage container can make a difference on your dresser. You can store brushes and regular makeup items in these boxes. Transparent boxes are ideal as they help you to see all your makeup without searching for them.


Keep the items you use regularly where you can easily reach them and store the ones you rarely use. A good lighting will make your corner a fantastic place to style your hair and apply makeup. Also, an inspiring quote on your dressing table will keep you in the right mood throughout the day.

Overall, your room will appear more beautiful if you can arrange decorative and storage pieces attractively in it.

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