Jul 062016
Kiddies Toilet Seat

Kiddies toilet seat is a product that is used to train kids for toilet use. It is an ideal product for encouraging children during the transition from potty use to flush toilet use. It usually comes in plastic material. It is flexible, comfortable, secure and easy to use.

The unique contoured shape and molded back and sides provide sitting support for kids. The product is ergonomically designed with wide grip handles that offer security to keep the child from falling down and the practical handle which makes it easy to adjust. The soft cushioned seat also provides maximum comfort while making use of the product.

It is very easy to use as the child can fix and remove the trainer easily by himself and also put away when not in use. Kiddies toilet seat is ideal for kids of 18 months old and above. You may also consider making use of potty training songs to increase the fun your child enjoys during the learning process.

The kiddies toilet seat guarantees hygienic usage because the inward sloping splash guard prevents spills outside the toilet. Regular cleansing of this product is highly recommended to prevent it from harmful bacteria.

It is available on online stores includng Jumia, Konga, Dealday, Amazon, Ali Express, Walmart, Sears, and numerous others. You may also get it at any kiddies store near you.

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