Aug 272016
Jewelry checklist for the contemporary fashionista

Jeweleries made from finest and richest precious gemstones always give you the perfect fit for a complete adornment.

Do you own a jewelry box? Open it to check if you are up-to-date with your collection. Let’s go!


These are fashion rings worn on some parts of the body like the ear, fingers, nose, belly button and toes. Rings are made of materials such as metal, plastic, bead, wood, bone, gold, stone, pearl and many more. They also come in different designs, shapes and colours.

While putting a ring on any part of your body is not vain, you should also be careful of the part you pierce. Your well being comes first before fashion.


Necklaces are made from sterling silver, freshwater pearls, shell, beads or corals. This piece of ornament is usually worn around the neck region. You need this adornment to beautify your neck area, and complement your beauty and dressing.


These are another piece of jewelry you must own. They add beauty to the wrist region of the hand. You can wear a bangle or bracelet along with your wristwatch. Bangles come in various materials such as metal, wood, plastic gold or bronze.


Chains are worn on the neck, waist and ankle, they come in gold or silver materials. Add these fashion accessory to your jewelry box for that chic look when you dress up for an event.

Hair pins/fascinators

Hair pins or fascinators are all decorative items attached to the hair to hold it in place. This jewelry is either made of metal, ivory, bronze, carved wood and lots more. With these accessories, you could pull your hair into a wrap, make a chignon style, or hold your ponytail in place. They are very useful especially when you do not have the time to braid or fix your hair.


This piece will stylishly hold your garments together for you. Turn heads at the office on a Monday morning with an elegant brooch pinned to your blouse. Brooches come in metal, silver, gold and enamel with gemstone material.


Bracelets are worn around the wrist, upper arms, and ankles. They play a supportive function of holding other items of jewelry such as symbols, or name alphabets.

They are popularly presented to attendees during seminars or training programmes as souvenirs to attendees. Bracelet are made from metal, leather, cloth plastic, rock crystals and pearls.


A watch is a small timepiece that has time-related features such as timers, chronographs and alarm functions. But everything has evolved in recent times and the watch is not an exception, new modern watches now include calculators, GPS, Bluetooth technology, heart rate monitoring capabilities and solar-power ability. There are always several fine brands to choose from.

Now, which of these jewelries is not in your box? Write them in your next shopping list.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your article about the different pieces of jewelry. I like that you talked about the different materials that a necklace can be made of. I also agree that necklaces complement the way you dress up. My daughter is aspiring to be a fashion designer. Her main model is herself, so she can easily experiment different styles and fashion. Since her birthday is coming, I’m looking to buy a set of jewelry for her that will totally help her achieve the look that she wants. She once mentioned to me her love for necklaces that are made out of silver and gold. I will make sure to consider your checklist when I go shopping for her.

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