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How to look decent despite being fashionable

We all want to look good and get compliments for our looks, no doubt. At least, we all want people to notice us when we are on amazing outfits.

For young ladies, looking good and getting nice compliments from the guys is a plus. Little wonder when a lady knows that she is exceptionally attractive on a particular day, she takes a ‘selfie’ and uploads it on Instagram or Facebook. When compliments such as, ‘pretty!’ ‘aww, I like your dress,’ ‘baby, you slay,’ and so on, starts coming in, she gets super delighted.

On the other hand, when a lady observes that she hasn’t been getting any compliments for her looks, she becomes worried and starts thinking something is wrong somewhere. She gradually becomes tempted to start wearing excess make-up. After some time when no significant progress is made, she starts wearing outfits that reveal some curvaceous parts of her body.

As much as wearing make-up isn’t a bad idea, an excess of it can be disastrous. And you don’t need to expose your body by wearing see-through dresses, before your beauty is noticed.

As a matter of fact, exposing some parts of your body is offensive to some people; so you might just end up hitting the very opposite of your target.

There are ways in which you can maintain a perceptible beauty, while your decency is still very much intact.

Wear a friendly smile always

Seriously, smiles are attractive. When you smile always, everyone tends to like you and notice your looks, especially whenever there’s a difference in your appearance. And if you’re blessed with a set of dazzling white teeth and your buccal cavity is not odorous, awww!

Keep a good attitude

Your good attitude will attract people to you more than your appearance. Don’t be too harsh at people. Greet and respond to greetings. Don’t ignore or underestimate people’s affection for you.

Take care of your skin

Take care of your skin by drinking plenty of water, bathing at least twice daily. Also, always have a handkerchief with you whenever you are at work, should in case, you sweat

Lastly, do not forget that beauty radiates from the inside.

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