Jan 182017
How to bond with your child as a career mother

Times have changed and our patriarchy society is evolving for women. They are now well educated, pursuing their different aspirations, dreams and careers in earnest. Women/mothers are dominating key positions in different offices and time-consuming jobs could take up to 80% of their time.

It can really be frustrating to juggle job and family especially during the formative years of the child. There must be a strong bond at this critical point in time or else, it may not augur well for the family.

Bonding with a child at the tender age have more merits than any reasons not to put together. No matter the situation, family time should not be jeopardised.

Here five tips on how to bond with your child as a career mother in order to achieve a good mother-child relationship.

1. Do not take office work to your home

Be careful not to turn your home into a second office. When you get home after the day’s job, focus on home based struggles.

Let all career related things end in the office. Try to get home on time and have dinner with the family, if lunch wasn’t possible. Ask them how the day went, their fears and exciting moments, check their school work; and retire together.

Get into the child’s room, read him a book, tell him bed time stories, sing lullaby and see him sleep off. I know it could be energy sapping but you do not have to do it every day, however, dutifully inculcate it into your tight schedule.

2. Go on days out or take a holiday with the child

Your day off or annual leave are good periods to also bond with your child. Go out together and do fun things. You could go swimming, take lots of photos, visit the parks, engage yourselves in your hobbies like writing, dancing, and exercising, to create a relaxing and bonding moments.

3. Always have a heart to heart talk with the child

It is common knowledge that a child comes into the world in a tabula rasa form. Their sense and brain get fed with what they see, hear and conceive. So do not let your child get wrong information or be misled while you are alive. Be your child’s counselor and confidant. Give him words of wisdom, create time to educate him on life experiences and allay his/her fears. Let the child draw strength from you.

4. Be more accommodating

Draw the child closer to you, let him understand that you are a friend and ally. Use the carrot and stick approach of discipline, whereby the child is praised and rewarded when he is good, and appropriate punishment meted out for wrong doings. Avoid corporal punishment, just some scolding that would make the child realize that he or she was totally wrong is sufficient.

5. Pay attention to the child

Devote time and attention for your child; don’t leave him at the sole mercy of an attendant or nannies. A child needs your loving arms, and whom to relate with. Nothing beats bonding time with a child especially the one between a mum and child, it can be heavenly.

It delights a child to see that mummy listens to him or her, see things from the same perspective and is very supportive. So even with all the childish rhetorics, please pay attention. It gladdens their heart to know that they are being heard; and sometimes let them have their way especially, if they are not in any harms way.

Lastly, in as much you also want to make your money, be self independent and self reliant, it is important to always spend quality time with your family.

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