Four ways to overcome smoking addiction


You have heard that smokers are liable to die young, but you still continue to smoke because you find it hard to resist the urge. Your doctor has warned you to quit smoking. Your spouse and family have warned you. You wish you could.

You have made up your mind on several occasions to quit smoking. Perhaps you actually stopped for a week or more, but you find yourself back at your vomit. Here are some practical steps you can apply, if you genuinely intend to quit smoking.

Whenever you feel like smoking, remind yourself of its hazards

Smoking puts you at a big risk of lung diseases. Tobacco smoke contains many harmful chemicals that can affect nearly every organ in your body. Smokers are at a big risk of coronary heart diseases, stroke, cancer and so on. Smoking can make it harder for a woman to become pregnant and can affect her baby’s health after birth.

There are several other effects of smoking. If you fall ill, and are admitted to a hospital, will you be able to smoke? How do you want your loved ones to feel if something bad happens to you as a result of your habit?

Remind yourself of all of these whenever the urge to smoke comes, and you are a step away from the stick.

Do not keep a stick at your home or workplace

Do not keep a stick anywhere you spend a long time staying at; so when the urge to smoke comes, you don’t find anyone near you. Focus on your driving or your destination whenever you are on the street, and do not stop to buy any.

Make idleness your enemy

When you are idle, the thought of smoking comes to your mind. Engage in a workout or start typing on a computer. You can as well get an interesting movie or video game, all in a bid to suppress your idleness.

Keep non-smokers as friends

Engage non-smokers who can help you overcome the urge to smoke. Always talk to your doctor or psychologist about the progress you are making. And if feasible, relocate to a community where smoking is banned.

Also, bear in mind that, your final target is not to ‘punish’ yourself or quit smoking temporarily, but to get to a stage when you can see sticks of cigarettes and be firm not to touch any.

It is possible to overcome your addiction. Just be resolute.

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