Four tips for raising responsible kids

Raising responsible kids can be a very daunting task, especially for new mothers. But the joy of being a mother keeps one going. Scaling through the hurdle of childbirth, and eventually transforming into a healthy mother is indeed an enviable achievement.

However, as the woman is welcomed into motherhood, she is welcomed as well into responsibilities. And the responsibilities get bigger, as she mothers more children. But the joyful fact is that, the enervating task of raising kids will eventually transform into pride and confidence for the parents, when the kids grow up to become responsible children.

rp_african-990326_1920.jpgEvery parent wishes to have responsible children, but are you ready to offer it all it takes to raise responsible kids? What does it take?

Be friends with your kids

Don’t just make them your kids, make them your friends. In this way, they can confide in you. They tell you how they feel every time, and you also can trust them, because they have nothing to hide from you.

Be disciplined, not harsh

Discipline is very important if you want to raise responsible children. But this doesn’t mean you should always scold them or beat them up at their very slightest mistake. However, kids are kids; they need correction.

Rebuke every bad attitude from them promptly, and don’t be hesitant to adore them with praises whenever they do commendable things.

Be a good role model

If you go about sleeping with many sexual partners or spending half of the day gossiping, don’t expect your kids to become monks or reserved. Also, if you are the type that steals from your spouse, don’t start raising the rod any day you discover that one of your children has stolen your money. You are their role model, they look up to you.

Listen to them

Do not scold them whenever they want to talk to you. Pay attention to them; they need it. Almost every child is garrulous, but you should always listen.

Finally, always address your children in a positive and gentle manner. No matter how much they infuriate you, don’t address them using repulsive or vulgar words. Instead of cursing them, pray for them.

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