Jan 162017
Five ways to extend your weekend into Monday

‘Thank God it’s Friday’ is a cliché that remains popular till this day as an indication that everybody loves Friday. On one hand, I am yet to see a ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ cliché while on the other hand the TGIF is everywhere every week. The reason is not far-fetched. Most people don’t look forward to Monday for reasons best known to them.

The truth is, I have not been a Monday person until recently. I realized I was doing myself no good for having a negative feeling towards the day so I had to make some adjustment. These adjustments, which I will share with you are the various ways to make you look forward to Mondays and also enjoy it, just like I do.

Enjoy your weekend

Make sure you relax well during the weekend. Have enough sleep. If you have events to attend as per Nigerians and Owambe, attend them. This will help ease the stress of the previous week. Make sure you sleep early on Sunday as this will not only help you wake up early on Monday, but also make you wake up and not feel cranky. As the saying goes, ‘early to bed, early to rise’

Take breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It reduces the rate of being hungry and this helps you to be more productive because hunger can reduce speed and productiveness. See here for some insights on how eating right enhances your well-being.

Make a to-do list

Have a list of what you intend to do on Mondays, either as an employee or as an employer. This list will guide you to be focused and to be more productive. Some easy to use to do apps here Evernote, Google Keep, Redbooth, and the notepad on your mobile device.

Have something you look forward to every Mondays. It can be a project you are recently working on. This will keep you motivated.

Don’t have the general mindset of ‘I hate Mondays’

People fail to understand that the right mindset at the beginning of everyday sets the tone of how the day ends up. And most people say ‘I hate Mondays’ just because others say it and this makes most people less productive because of the mindset. So try to do away with that statement.

Enjoy your Mondays

Try as much as possible to enjoy the day. See it as a fresh day for new opportunities. This should be your motivation towards enjoying the day.

On a final note, if after following all these guide you still hate Mondays, I guess you have to do something about your job. It is an indicator that you don’t love what you do.

All the best as you enjoy your Mondays and thank God for everyday!!!

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