Five types of bowls you should have in your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. We are always shopping for our kitchen because we like to keep it up to date with all necessary items as we spend ample time in the kitchen cooking, baking, frying, and so on.

From large appliances to small ones, plastic, stainless, wooden, electronic, non electronic; name them, the kitchen is home to variety of items. Each of these items, no matter how simple or complex it looks, play important roles in our daily cooking affair.

Today, we will be looking at five types of bowls and why they are essential items in our kitchen.

Mixing bowl

Mixing bowl is usually rounded at the bottom without breaking lines. It is designed to sit firmly on the counter or any flat surface. The rounded bottom is designed to enable you stir your paste to any degree without friction.

A mixing bowl is important on occasions when you are unable to make use of your electric mixer, or when the substance that you want to mix does not require the electric mixer. On these occasions, the mixing bowl is a very good and convenient substitute.

Water scooper

This bowl is usually small in size with long handles. You can make use of it in the bathroom as well to scoop bathe water. It is typically used in the kitchen to scoop water from a storage without having to contaminate the water with your hands.

You can also use it when you are working away from a tap where you can easily fetch water. A good occasion when this bowl is most important is if you are cooking and you are the type that don’t cook with water fetched directly from the tap. You can take water from your storage with this bowl.

bowl-469295_1280Serving bowl

Serving bowl is a multipurpose bowl that comes in various materials such as plastic, stainless, and glassware. It is used to serve such as vegetables and liquid food. Some serving bowls have lids which are used to protect the items in it from germs. 

You need serving bowls to serve a large quantity of food from which the eaters can take their smaller portions for consumption.

Medium sized multipurpose bowl

This bowl as the name implies, is usually medium sized and it serves a variety of purpose. It can be used as a hand wash basin, miscellaneous items storage, spice storage, etc. It is usually made with plastic.

Food storage bowl

Food storage bowl is made with plastic and it usually has a perforated lid. The lid is designed with two locks on opposite side to provide a tight locked effect.

It is usually used to store foods inside the freezer in order to keep it fresh, compared to if the food is left inside the pot and reheated all the time. The food storage bowl is microwave oven safe.

Which of these bowls is missing in your kitchen? Make sure to include it on your list for your next shopping.

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