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Five steps to create harmony through organised house chores

Women handle much more housework than men even when they are fully employed outside their homes. It is a popular opinion that women are responsible for house chores while men handle other tasks outside their homes.

However, household chores are shared responsibilities and should not be left for only one person. Thus, all members of the family can help in handling the house chores and this can be a great teamwork. Housework shared among family members can help strengthen love in the family.

Housework is part of the daily affairs of any family and it is important to make good use of work time and turn it to fun time. To achieve a harmonious presence at home during house work,  let’s consider planning and handling it as follows:

Make a list of all chores

List all the house chores in your homes from the regular dusting and cleaning to the occasional weeding and raking of grasses and leaves. House work include cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, repairs and yard work. Parenting responsibilities should be included if you have children.

Share the tasks

House chores can be shared based on gender expectations or better still on who can perform the task better. Traditionally, women are expected to do the laundry but some men can do it better. Household chores can also be handled based on the situation. A loving husband can prepare dinner if his wife works late.

Train your kids to help

It is better to train your children to do the home chores. They can make their beds, clean the rooms and the kitchen, load and empty the dishwasher and even do the laundry. The kids will relieve you the stress of doing most of the work.

Children trained to help in household chores find it easy to handle these tasks as adults. Though, the children may complain but this training is important as the male children are likely to help their wives as adults. These children possess higher self-esteem and better sense of responsibility. Also, they are likely to be independent as adults.

Be willing to handle all chores if need arises

Relationships require sacrifices. If any of the spouse is sick or has to work extra hours, the other partner needs to step in and handle all the work. A husband can do it all if the wife is sick. Likewise, a wife can handle all the tasks if the husband is away on a trip.

Show gratitude to each other

Express gratitude to your spouse for handling the house chores. Thank your wife for doing the laundry and cooking the meals. Teach your children to do the same as you are inculcating respect in them. Also, wives should appreciate their husbands for doing their share of the house chores.

Household work should be shared among parents and their children. Men should not have the impression that handling their own share of home work means slaving for their wives but should see it as their responsibilities. Moreover, sharing house tasks contributes to successful marriage as chores in the house can lead to conflict if they are handled by only one of the spouse.

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