Nov 052016
Five smart tips for shopping on Black Friday

Another awoof* season is here and we cannot wait to pounce on the shopping malls to shop for various items of our choice. I am also on the queue. It is important not to get carried away in our excitement, as shopping on Black Friday poses some risks alongside its benefits.

Here are some tips that will help you get the full gains of shopping on Black Friday.

1. Be prepared

You can accomplish this by having a list of the items you want to buy and the stores you plan to get them from. If you are shopping online, make sure your device is ready (well charged and working in perfect condition) and you have enough data to do your shopping.

Also have your size, the color of the item, the brand and other necessary information that would speed up your shopping ready because Black Friday is a mad race for the fast ones.

2. Start shopping early

Start shopping early as some of the items you are interested in might be put on countdown timers (flash sale). The earlier you start shopping, the better it is for you to get exactly what you want out of Black Friday.

Also, if you want your order delivered on time, you should start shopping early as sales will extremely rise to the point that delivery might be delayed.


2. Make yourself comfortable

If you are shopping offline, be careful not to be trapped in the crowd and also be vigilant. In fact, dress very smartly and hold your belongings close.

For safety reasons, it is advisable not to take your little ones along if you are shopping from a store that would be over crowded on Black Friday.

After shopping, there may be a long queue for payment, make yourself comfortable by finding someplace to sit while you wait for your turn, you may also pass time by playing games or listening to music on your mobile device.

4. Pay on delivery

The advantages of paying on delivery cannot be overemphasized especially if you are shopping online.

One, if the item delivered is not satisfactory, you may simply reject the order and take your money to the offline malls for a better alternative; no time wasted.

Another benefit is that the mad rush does not only occur on the buyers’ side; there is a crazier rush on the online stores end as they will be working non stop and tirelessly to meet delivery deadlines. So, if you do not get your delivery on time, you could just take your money to another store, online or offline. Again, no disappointment.

5. Be sure of the return policy before paying

For you not to be stuck with an item that you cannot make use of, make sure the items you are buying qualify for returns on the Returns Policy of the store you are shopping from.

What are your tricks for shopping on Black Friday?


*Nigerian pidgin for surplus.

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