Five shopping tips for your kid’s school resumption


As the holidays come to an end, it is time to shop for back-to-school items. New writing materials, new school shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes and other supplies can pique children’s interest about the new academic session.

Conversely, you might be dismayed at the cost of these items. Thus, the following tips can help you to spend less while shopping for quality school items.

1. Shop your house

You may have some back-to-school items in your house. Check for unused notebooks, pen, pencils, crayons, and other materials needed in school. Clothing, shoes, backpacks and electronics that are still in good shape can still be used.

An inventory of such items will help you to determine the ones you need to purchase. Thus, you will spend less than if you are buying all the required items.

Also, you can organize swapping of some supplies with friends whose children are in the same school as yours.

2. Have a back-to-school list

It is likely that you might have received a list of items required for the new term, from your children’s school. To avoid wasting money on items that are not required, parents should use the back-to-school list as a guide while shopping.

Also, do not purchase extra items as your children may not use them. Using a list and checking off purchased items will help you to keep to budget while shopping. However, it is ideal to shop for school items before the new term begins.

3. Purchase the items at once

It is ideal to buy all the required items at once, as it will save your time and perhaps transport fare. Also, you may get a discount if you buy plenty materials​ at a time.

You can check online for discount promo sales or clearance sales so as to get the lowest prices of these items. Thus, you can spend less if you are able to get the best prices for the supplies.

4. Ignore some of your children’s want

It is ideal to involve your children when you are shopping for their supplies. However, they tend to want trendy items, even when new ones have been bought for them.

Imagine a kid who has a new backpack requesting for a different design of backpack just because his friends has such design. Thus, parents should remind their children to keep to the budget and teach them the difference between wants and needs.

5. Avoid purchasing the items on credit

It is not ideal to shop for items on credit as you may incur higher interest charges. Instead, you can shop with cash or a debit card to avoid paying extra interest costs for the purchase of the items.

It is wise to purchase all required supplies before the term begins as these items will be more expensive immediately school resumes.

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