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Five essential items for your baby’s diaper bag

Parenting responsibilities cannot be performed in haste as they often require adequate planning. Especially when dealing with babies. For example, an outing with a baby.

Taking a baby on an outing requires the parent(s) to prepare properly. In this case, the diaper bag comes handy.

The diaper bag is ideal for packing items needed by the baby. Essential items must be packed to ensure a hitch-free outing with your baby. Consider the age of your baby and how long you are likely to stay outside your home to determine the items to be packed.

The most important of these items include diapers, wipes, changing pad, feeding bottle(s) and clothes.

1. Diapers

Diapers are most indispensable when nursing a baby. The number of diapers to be packed depends on how long you will be away from home and also your baby’s age. Younger babies require more diaper changes than older ones. You should add at least four diapers to your baby’s bag.

2. Wipes

A travelsize pack of wipes is also ideal when going out with your baby. If the travelsize pack is not available, you can stash some wipes in a resealable plastic bag. Besides its use for diaper changes, wipes can also be used for cleaning dirty hands and surfaces.

3. Changing pad

A changing pad is useful when you may need to lay your baby down during a diaper change. Changing pads with water resistant covers are perfect for quick and easy clean up. Some diaper bags come with reusable changing pads, but the disposable ones are ideal if you are travelling with your baby. However, you can use a hand towel as a changing pad.

4. Feed bottle(s)

Your baby’s food is an essential item that should be packed in the diaper bag. A bottle containing dry baby formula or bottle(s) of expressed breast milk stored in a cooler would not occupy the entire space in a diaper bag. Snacks such as biscuits and cakes should be included if your baby is a toddler. Water or juice in a sippy cup should be packed for babies as well as toddlers.

5. Clothes

A set of extra clothes are very important in a diaper bag because you may need to change your baby’s clothes during an outing. Babies can drool or spit up on their clothes. You will be thankful that you packed extra clothes when there are poop explosions or spills.


Other necessities that can be found in a diaper bag are diaper rash cream, bib, toys, pacifier, lightweight blanket, a hat or sunscreen and even a first-aid kit.

A rash cream is useful if your baby has a sore bottom and its application will help protect your baby’s delicate skin.

A bib can keep your baby’s cloth dry especially when the baby is drooling during teething. You can also use it to clean your baby’s face and wipe spit-up.

Above all, a laminated index card with the name of parents, addresses, and phone numbers as well as the name and phone numbers of the baby’s pediatrician should be attached to the diaper bag.

What additions​ do you have to our list? Do share them with us in the comments section.

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