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real estate business
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Social media marketing for real estate business

So you’ve asked yourself, how can I use social media to promote my real estate business? Here is how There are so many real estate consultants on social media especially LinkedIn and some of the ones I’ve come across are not working on their reputation. They just copy email addresses and start disturbing their connections …

effective branding on Instagram
Social media strategy

5 steps to effective branding on Instagram

You will agree with me that Instagram is fast becoming the number one marketing platform especially for those businesses that cater to the younger generations. Makeup artists, event managers, photographers and other visual based businesses are taking advantage of this platform to showcase their creativity to their audience. However, to stand out from the crowd …

5 tips for boosting your Twitter engagement
Social media strategy

5 tips for boosting your Twitter engagement

Twitter is a fast paced social media platform where over 6000 tweets are sent per second. The aim of this post is to equip you for achieving good engagement rates and traffic flow to your website despite the fast nature of this microblogging platform. Below are 5 tips for boosting your engagement on Twitter. 1. Optimize your …

market like a pro on social media
Social media strategy

11 ways to market like a pro on social media

This is a follow up to SATURDAY SNACKABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING which I published last Saturday. I promised to provide a detailed explanation of each tip today, so here we go. How to market like a pro on social media 1. Have a social media calendar A social media calendar will help you remain organised every day …