Ten facts about baby heat rash

Ten facts about baby heat rash

Here are ten facts you should know about baby heat rash. 1. What is baby heat rash? Baby heat rash which is also known as Miliaria crystalline are transparent, colorless blisters that break out on…Continue Reading

the baby walking assistant

The baby walking assistant

A baby walking assistant also known as parent-assisted baby walker is an equipment that is designed to assist children learn how to walk. It is very similar in design to leading strings that were used in Europe…Continue Reading

baby face rash

Ten facts about baby face rash

Baby face rash is a bright red or reddish pink colored noticeable tiny bumps around the mouth, face, cheek and forehead of a baby. It could be quite irritating, making the baby to persistently scratching his face.…Continue Reading


Three causes of infertility in women

Infertility is a major problem that troubles many fresh couples. It has led to several physical and emotional trauma in many homes. The most unfortunate aspect of the problem is that, in many societies, the woman is usually…Continue Reading


Staying healthy during pregnancy

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is a dream of many ladies. During pregnancy, many people offer several pieces of advice to the mother to-be on how to maintain a good health. For the first-time…Continue Reading

Kiddies Toilet Seat

Kiddies toilet seat is a product that is used to train kids for toilet use. It is an ideal product for encouraging children during the transition from potty use to flush toilet use. It usually…Continue Reading