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social media reputation

Is your social media reputation standing in the way of your next job?

This is a guest post by Cherralle Alexander of My Daily Cake blog. See more information about the Author after the post. Companies are relying more heavily on social networking sites to recruit talent. Recruiters are checking social media profiles to gain more knowledge and insight about a candidate and they are using this to …

become a recognized expert

How to become a recognized expert in your industry

Regardless of your niche industry, at some point new comers will look up to you for professional support. But before it happens you need to have positioned yourself as an expert. So, how do you become this expert especially nowadays that almost everybody claims to be an expert and people will need real proofs before …

bond with your child as a career mother

How to bond with your child as a career mother

Times have changed and our patriarchy society is evolving for women. They are now well educated, pursuing their different aspirations, dreams and careers in earnest. Women/mothers are dominating key positions in different offices and time-consuming jobs could take up to 80% of their time. It can really be frustrating to juggle job and family especially during …