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Blogging for women: Killing writer’s block

One thing that writers mostly dread is the writer’s block phenomenon. It is also the one thing standing in the way of many people and their blogging career, especially women.

There are still debates on how real the issue of writer’s block is and how much power it can exert over a writer. Some writers think it is a myth and some wake up with it in bed everyday.

Which do you belong to?

I tell you that is a tough question. It is hard to give up a challenge and it is harder to escape reality. But believe me, writer’s block can turn a myth for you too. All you need to do is to learn how to kill it [I know you cannot literally grab it and stuff a knife or pump a few bullet shots into its body].

So how do you kill it as a woman?

Jeff Goins, in his post ‘How to overcome writer’s block: 14 tricks that work‘, noted that the reasons for writer’s block may vary, but lists common causes as: timing, fear and perfectionism.

101 advanced strategies to get rid of writer’s block used by writers because they work‘, by Stephen Bennett, is another well researched and proven technique that can help you beat writer’s block.

We also like to share our own approach. A simple and effective way to kill the writer’s block monster without muscles.

Prepare ahead

Women mostly have to run a heavy schedule daily. Apart from leaving you with no time to fix other necessities, being occupied with too many things can get you confused in a way that you can barely work things out properly mentally.

You can scale this hurdle by creating convenient time for your writing within your day. Writing at a more convenient time will help you enjoy more focus and less tension.

The right message first, not perfect writing

Never try to write every line perfectly as you start out. Putting down the right message should be the only important thing to you at first, not the rules of the writing language. You can later return to rewrite or remove unnecessary parts of the writing when you are done with the whole work or a sizeable bulk of it.

This helps you go hard on the main content of your message rather than distract yourself with how well you are keeping up with the rules. Writers work with about the same rules, what exalts one writer above the other is the message.

Be specific

Many writings end up in the trash or never win the audience it was intended for because one thing was lacking – the main subject. This is common mostly because a lot of people find it hard to really pin down what they really want to focus their narrative on.

When you make sure you always define what your major subject or item of discussion is before you start writing, you end up making solid, well bonded writing that does not deviate outside focus at any point.

Be open-minded

You cannot rely only on your current perspective and knowledge for the real juice. Writing is like the blindfolded custodian of justice, it does not really care who is right, it only cares what is right.

Go outside your belief or knowledge on every subject or topic and you will be surprised that what used to be writer’s block can turn into a pot of honey.

This helps balance any inaccuracy that may exist in your own idea or those of other people on the same subject.

Be fearless

Fear many times can make people sit down and not take action at all, while their success crawls away. But rather than sitting down to merely watch, what about learning how to face the fear and hunt it down [Yes. Try the mental picture again and feel the reality of the relief. ‘Face the fear and hunt it down.’].

A simple muster of courage to stand to the challenge and make writer’s block a myth for you may be all it takes. Give it a shot.

A cup of coffee and a chat on how you killed the writer’s block monster will do for us. Do not pay us money for this.

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