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Beautifying the home on a low budget

Yes, times are hard and often, our take home pay doesn’t really take us home, let alone cater for maintaining or beautifying our homes. But I have got news for you, you don’t need to break a bank nor make a fortune to live in a beautiful home.

The solution is just paying attention to details and applying what I call the DO-IT-YOURSELF syndrome, always.

Take a look at these ideas and see ways you can switch it up at home, if you are on a low budget.

Regular sweeping and dusting

You can never go wrong in this aspect. You see, sweeping is actually a good form of exercise, just like using one stone to kill two birds, so don’t see it as a duty.

There is no way a home can be beautiful with dirt all over the place. Sweep the foor, remove cobwebs from all corners and dust out dirt and dust that might have settled on the surface of appliances, gadgets and the home equipment.

courtyards-1520500_640Mop the floor, remove watermarks from the wall, use olive oil to give a new shine to the cushions color, empty the bin regularly and keep it covered at all times to avoid harboring flying insects at home.

De-clutter the home

To make your house appear chic and beautiful from the inside, a lot of unwanted items must go. Take out undesirable items especially the outdated and damaged ones. Give them a permanent place in the trash can, where they rightfully belong.

Plant flowers around your home

Flowers makes our home look stylish and beautiful, especially the colorful ones. You can take having flowers around your home to a notch higher by carefully tending to it. If you plant flowers around your home, you will enjoy the double benefits of a colorful surrounding, and fresh air filled with nice scents.

Arrange and stack your household items

Scattering of household items in the home should be prohibited. Every item should have its own place and properly kept. A lot of things occupying the floor space should be stacked up by all means to ease free flow of air.

A stuffy home can never be beautiful. Clothes should not be everywhere in the home, a wardrobe should contain them. Shoes should be permanently placed on the shoe rack, plates in the plate rack, remote control beside the gadgets, and toys left in the children room, etc.

If all items are arranged and placed where they belong, you will definitely delight in your organised space.

Breath new life in to the home

Beautify your home with nice combination of colors for your curtains, cushions, floor coverings, wall papers and other decorative accessories.

Do you know why? Because a nice blend of outstanding colors gives a room a unifying theme. Do not forget to place natural or artificial flowers in a stylish vase and also put colorful fruits on display in a transparent case maybe near the dining area.

Look out for deals in your neighborhood or online stores

Great decorating doesn’t require that you spend tons of money. You can actually cut corners by putting your ears to the ground to know when there will be clearance sales especially for house hold items, so as to pick up different pieces of home accessories on sale.

People relocate everyday and they need to dispose their items at half or quarter of the normal price. Some people want to sell the smaller items and replace them with bigger ones.

Household stores are emptying their old stocks at half fee to make way for new stock. You should take advantage of these events to acquire decorating items or furniture at either a giveaway price or at no cost for your beautiful home.

Now, how do you impact a chic and stylish look in your home without spending money? Share your methods with us in the comments section.

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