4 Hazards of enrolling your kids in a distant school

distant school

Distant school in this post is translated to NON-BOARDING distant school.

Education is a crucial process in the growth of a child. However, in the course of giving your ward the best education you may unknowingly overlook some safety factors.

The school you like to enrol your child in may be the best based on referral or experience; you probably attended the same school, and you want your child to get the same quality education you had. Keep in mind that this is not enough reason to select the best school. The best school should offer maximum comfort and safety both in and outside its environment.

Before you take your kids to that distant school please put the following measures in place:

1. Be ready to take full responsibility

Ensure that they arrive home early after school in order to freshen up, work on their assignments and still get time to relax. See to it that they go to bed early so as to wake up early and get set for the long day ahead.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you are unable to ensure the aformentioned, then be aware of the hazards your kids may be exposed to if you put them in a distant non-boarding school.

  • Exposure to hostile adults
  • Commuting risks
  • Poor health
  • Poor assimilating ability
  • Exposure to hostile adults

If your kids commutes to school on their own, you put them at the risk of coming in contact with hostile adults. Imagine if they had to get on a bus and an impatient adult is behind them. The kid’s movement might not be fast enough for the adult, who may push him aside or headfirst into the vehicle causing injury to the child. To avoid this and other incidence, make sure you drive your kids to school. Better still, use the school bus or have an arrangement with a trusted cabbie to pick and drop them everyday.

living with kids - safety tips

2. Commuting risk

Dear parents, it is very risky to put your child in a distant non-boarding school for whatever reason without commuting with them to and fro. I see some of these kids everyday on grade A expressways or when they try to board cabs. They are always unable to conduct themselves well with regards to automobile accidents. Some of them just cross the road without looking well for oncoming vehicles. At times, the seemingly careful ones walk up to adults to help them navigate the road. While the kid is innocent and just wants to get to school, the adult he went to for help might be hostile or have a negative hidden agenda.

3. Poor health

Frequent commuting to and fro school and waking up too early to prepare for school can cause stress which is a health risk to your child. You may think that you are training them into early-bird adults, but that is not the best way to go about it. Even an early-bird adult that does not slow down will eventually breakdown.

4. Poor assimilation

This is an obvious negative result of your child’s daily schedule. The child wakes up early to prepare for school, then next comes the struggle of getting to her destination. She might arrive school feeling tired already from the journey. This would affect her level of concentration during classes. To worsen the situation, she takes the same stressful journey back home and still gets tired to do any revision. Even her social life will be poor as there will hardly be any time for social activities except during the weekends.

Education is expensive but the price should not be at the risk of your child’s health or safety. Consider the aforementioned when you need to make a school choice for your kids so as to help them get the best out of education.

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