have a productive week
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10 fun affirmations to help you have a productive week

Happy new week! What are your goals for this week? Did you break them into smaller tasks that you can easily accomplish? As my contribution to your efforts, I have put together the following affirmations to help you have a productive week. Enjoy! 1. Focus is the new cool I focus on the job at hand …

effective branding on Instagram
Social media strategy

5 steps to effective branding on Instagram

You will agree with me that Instagram is fast becoming the number one marketing platform especially for those businesses that cater to the younger generations. Makeup artists, event managers, photographers and other visual based businesses are taking advantage of this platform to showcase their creativity to their audience. However, to stand out from the crowd …

how to remain a motivated blogger
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How to stay motivated as a blogger

Blogging is a job for the patient ones especially the monetization aspect. You can’t just wake up one day, dust your laptop, write few posts and expect to receive credit alerts from blogging. Just like that? No. Even if you are not looking at monetization but just want to share your thoughts and experience with …

distant school

4 Hazards of enrolling your kids in a distant school

Distant school in this post is translated to NON-BOARDING distant school. Education is a crucial process in the growth of a child. However, in the course of giving your ward the best education you may unknowingly overlook some safety factors. The school you like to enrol your child in may be the best based on …

budget marketing ideas
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Five budget marketing ideas for mompreneurs

As a momprenuer, the way you run your business will definitely be different from what is obtainable in other businesses. This is so because you are saddled with the duties of full time mothering and that of a business woman. The resulting effects of the aforementioned on your business marketing may be that: You probably …

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is available for the resolution of issues outside the court due to the expensive cost of litigation and the amount of time spent on trials among other unfavorable situations that do not usually suit the smooth flow of justice. The ADR process takes place in court premises but not necessarily inside …